Who's Who

MJ0_0729Medium                                            MJ0_8982 Liz Smaller

The Vicar                                                           Centre Administrator 

- Rev. Richard Heard                                           Cafe Development Worker

Safeguarding officer  

                                                                                  - Liz Smith                                      



                                 Assistant  Cafe Development Worker

                                                -Jodie Picken 





Youth Worker

-Cam Catto







There are many other key volunteers leaders:

These include the pastoral care co-ordinator (Sarah Rogerston), the leaders of the growth groups, the childrens work co-ordinator (Joanne Heard), the lay reader (Liz Gibson), ministry leaders and the church trustees(PCC). We also appreciate the work of our paid cleaners and unpaid maintenance and gardeners who do so much to keep the facility and grounds looking good.

We appreciate all the work done by our leaders. And we are so thankful for all the work done by so many other volunteers. We would not even be able to attempt a fraction of what we do as a church without our amazing volunteers!