The pandemic has been an extremely challenging time for many. Here are some resources to help you stay connected and grow in faith even through the struggle:   We have an online service poste...tps:// Rees Howells a great example of faith and intercession    Keep watching this space...for more updates. ... More

Covid 19 has been having a massive impact already on our community and as a church we want to offer support to people Our volunteers are available to help whenever they are needed. People in need o...nd helpful. A person is then at liberty to book the same buddy or to try a conversation with one of our other buddies. Simply phone 01302 538487 or email   ... More

Week Commencing:Sunday9th May2021   Welcome to St Francis Church newsletter!   Online Sunday Worship  Each Sunday morning we have Online Sunday Worship at St Francis uploaded hand through the vicarage door in a clearly marked envelope saying "St Francis General Fund". Designated people are now able open the envelopes, and count and bank the cash and cheques.   ... More

We love welcoming people to our church! We have services in the building at 9.15am every Sunday morning for those that feel ready. New online services will be posted here every Sunday morning: S...fore services stopped for Covid-19 Lamentations 3: Great is your faithfulness Part One Part Two:   ... More

Covid-19 is having an impact on just about every part of life. This includes our church finances. Our expenditure is currently significantly higher than our income because we have most of our ( or our treasurer Phil Jackson or Assistant Treasuer Dave Rogerson for details about how you can set up standing orders or make a one off  bank transfer ... More

Alpha is a great course and if you are interested please email and we will send you the details you need.  We deliberately make the course as relaxed and, and if can work for me it can work for anyone."   'A superb course for anyone wishing to explore more about life and Christianity in a confidential and supportive      ... More

  We have worship online each week but if you would like to worship in the building at 9.15am on Sundays you can by booking a place with the church office (email: admin.francisofassisi@gmail.c...ially distanced walk after church or meeting in one another gardens, local park etc after church. we will also still be doing the 12 noon zoom call which enables you to have a long chat with people ... More

We have worship online each week but if you would like to worship in the building we currently have a service at 9.15am on Sundays. As demand increases for worship in the building we will also add After the service there is plenty of opportunity for socially distanced chat once we are outside. We also also have the after service zoom call which enables you to have a long chat with people ... More

This pandemic has been longer lasting and more challenging than any of us thought this time last year. As we have clear hope of an exit it is important to begin to process what has been happening some of the things that have been positive 5. All together for feedback and a general discussion about the process and what will be a helpful next step.  6. Conclusion and closing prayers ... More

Building Development at St Francis For many years there have been plans to do some re-development at St Francis. In recent years we have developed a cafe patio area, main entrance ramp, replaced wi...mpany. So please pray for the PCC and others as we seek to develop a master plan that will help make our building an excellent resource for our worship, mission and ministry for many years to come ... More