Booking worship in the building

We have worship online each week but if you would like to worship in the building we have a service at 9.15am and 11.15am on Sundays. 

The 9.15 includes songs prayers, teaching and communion. The 11.15am service is focussed on being accessible for families but you can still come along even if you are not bringing children with you. It involves 45 mins of accessible worship,prayer and interactive learning followed by 45 mins of socially distanced games and activities.   

There are more details about the safety measures we have in place for morning services below at the bottom of this page. 

We want to be able to ensure that everyone who is feeling cautious about covid is able to sit in a space more than 2m away from others and so it is helpful to know how many people are due to come to each service hence the use of eventbrite booking links. However if you know that you will be coming most weeks you can join our "most weeks" list and avoid filling out the booking form as long as you let us know when you will be away for more than one consecutive week. 


9.15am Service for Sunday 24th October  2021


 This service is open to all and includes communion. 1 ticket books a space for a household. 

11.15am Service on Sunday 24th October  2021


This service has a children and families focus but is open to all

1 ticket books a household




 Before booking please find out more about the way we worship within covid regulations :

Watch or read on to find out more. Or read on...

 What will church in the building be like during Covid 19?

  Here is a description based on our risk assessments.


1. Worshipers will arrive at the cafe end of the building they will be met by a welcome greeter. They will collect the key details of each person arriving for track and trace. Worshipers will also be able to use their track and trace app and the QR code which will be displayed for our building. Our records will be kept securely and we are adopting a belt and braces approach so that if someone should happen to develop symptoms after having been to church track and trace will probably contact every worshipper but we will also do that too. we would encourage people to stagger their arrival times as it would not be helpful for most people to arrive at 9:10! If more than one household arrives at the same time, they will need to queue in household groups separated by 2m until they are ready to meet the welcome greeter and give their track and trace details


2. Worshippers will then be guided through the main cafe door where they will need to put on their face covering* and sanitize their hands. We have a number of spare Face coverings which people could use and then deposit on exit. They would then go into the hall where they will need to walk along clearly marked aisles to find the seat. Duty wardens will be available to guide and advise. Once sat in a seat they will be able to wave to fellow congregation members and also pray as quiet music will be playing until the service is ready to begin. Seats will be arranged in such a way that there is at least 2 metres between separate households. If you come alone you will be able to choose one of many single seats. If you come as a pair are you will be able to find a number of paired seat and now if you would like to sit with someone from another household you can.

We will also ensure that the hall is well ventilated and while the heating will be turned on, we would encourage people to wrap up just in case they feel a bit cool. We will be making the most of our big screen but if we should use any papers or other resources they will be prepared 48 hours in advance and quarantined or we will use disposable gloves to prepare and set out the resources.  

Apart from getting up to go to the toilet it is so important that once you are in your seat you stay in your seats in order to limit mixing between multiple households in Sunday services as we want to make Sunday services as safe as they possibly can be.


*If you are someone who has an exemption from wearing a face covering please let the office know and also remind the welcome greeter as you arrive


3. The service would be led from the front near the communion table and there would be a significant distance between the service leader and the first worshipper  

4. The service is gradually becoming more normalised and now includes singing. The sermon would be the same as the online service but most weeks delivered live unless the preacher was not going to present in the building and then we would play the online video. We would have time for reflection, response and encounter with God in a similar way to the online service but would do this in a live setting instead.   Finally, towards the end of the service we would share communion. The wafers will be covered while I say the prayer of blessing over them. People will then receive communion ( bread only) or a blessing in their seats. An assistant will come first with sanitiser. The assistant and recipient would both have their arms at full arm stretch sanitiser is received.  Then they will receive the wafer from me with us both at full arm stretch. 

5. Immediately after the service duty wardens will begin to guide people to the exit  All the doors will be propped open). In summer months while socially distanced chatting is allowed you may also have the option to be directed into the grassy paddcock area via different set of double doors. As you leave if you would like to put money or envelopes in a retiring collection you can. We will also have our card machine near the exit where you can do a contactless payment once or multiple times according to how much you would like to give. After the service there is plenty of opportunity for socially distanced chat once we are outside.