Online Alpha

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Alpha is a great course and if you are interested please email and we will send you the details you need. 

We deliberately make the course as relaxed and enjoyable as we can.

We meet on Zoom and begin each session with  opportunities to get to know each other and develop friendships. We want people to feel as comfortable as possible as they will enjoy the course better.

We then leave the zoom session and follow some links that are send so that we can all watch a  short video of a song based on the theme of the evening's presentation and then watch the Alpha film series presentation. After the presentation we then come back onto zoom to chat for as long or as little as we like about what the film was about. The discussions are always fascinating and people are free to contribute or simply listen if they prefer. Alpha is designed to help those with questions about faith explore them in a safe and relaxed environment. We have had guests start Alpha with no faith, little faith, shaky faith and strong faith. It is open for all and you are welcome.


Without twisting anybody's arms (honest!) I asked some previous Alpha guests to tell you about how they found the course:

"I was unsure what to expect when I started Alpha and wondered if I might feel a little intimidated by a group of people who I supposed knew a lot more about faith than me. What I found was quite the opposite. As the weeks went by in the relaxed and calming environment we grew together on our individual journeys. I felt very at ease within my group and so was able to ask the questions I would have been afraid to voice before. It has left me with a lasting desire to know and understand more about my own faith and along the way I have made some wonderful friends too. Open to all no matter how you feel about God I know you too whoever you may be will when completing the course feel different but in a good way. "


"I would recommend the Alpha course to any one of whatever persuasion or depth of belief. I found it both enjoyable and enlightening I Iiked it a great deal."


"I suddenly realised that taking the Alpha Course would help me grow as a Christian.  I cannot emphasise to anyone (atheist, agnostic or Christian) how this course has fundamentally altered my life; not only as a practising Christian but also improved my whole personal outlook on the manner in which I approach daily life.  This course answers questions and gives everyone a platform to ask questions about faith, Jesus, God, the Bible and what it all means. Brilliant."


"After coming back to Church, a friend suggested I try an Alpha course, from the first meeting, I felt a great sense of belonging and it felt like the Presenters were talking directly to me. Alpha has really helped me to grow in faith, and if can work for me it can work for anyone."


'A superb course for anyone wishing to explore more about life and Christianity in a confidential and supportive