Processing the Pandemic

This pandemic has been longer lasting and more challenging than any of us thought this time last year. As we have clear hope of an exit it is important to begin to process what has been happening to us as individuals and as a church. Some people will be ready for this now but others will need more time. 

Here is an outline of the zoom meeting:

1. Welcome, introduction and opening prayers

2. Go into smaller groups led by a facilitator/chairperson who will help people to take it in turns to honesty speak about the things that they have really missed and lost over this year because church in the building and the activities in the building haven't been happening.

3. All together, the facilitators feed back some of the key themes

4. Go into the same smaller groups to talk about some of the things that have been personal losses during this time. Then finishing off with some of the things that have been positive

5. All together for feedback and a general discussion about the process and what will be a helpful next step. 

6. Conclusion and closing prayers