Resources to support during Covid 19

The pandemic has been an extremely challenging time for many. Here are some resources to help you stay connected and grow in faith even through the struggle:


We have an online service posted on Sunday morning on You Tube.


On Wednesdays and Sundays we have a 12 noon zoom catch up where we have some faith input and lots of time to chat with others in small groups. Email the office for the code.


On Thursdays we have a prayer and worship gathering on zoom. Email the office for the code

Facebook @blessedstfrancisbessacarr

Instagram  @blessedstfrancis

Here we will be posting regularly to encourage everyone. The site administrators will be thinking of things that will help people to feel blessed in this difficult time. Things to be thankful for, resources to help us to draw closer to God and to one another. We are also really strongly encouraging others to comment, interact and post things that they have found helpful

We will also keep posting things here and also on our you tube channel


1.  You Version Bible App  

An amazing treasure trove of commentaries and reading plans on a vast range of subjects. If you feel anxious, fearful, or low there are literally hundreds of plans that help. An established writer pens some thoughtful and encouraging words and then lines up some short sections of the Bible for us to read and be encouraged

2. Morning and Evening Prayer with the Church of England

Here there are worship resources, bible reading and prayer pointers all in one place. Read online or get the free daily prayer app (aimer)

3. Abide

Abide you tube channel

These are videos with relaxing backgrounds and the speaker leads you in prayers and relaxing activities gently reading verses of scripture over you. Great for times when you may feel stressed or worried.

4. Studying the Bible

So  often we feel that we do not have enough time to do all kinds of useful and important things. What is more important that reading and understanding the Bible. At our Queen's coronation when she was given the Bible these words were said:

'… we present you with this Book, the most valuable thing that this world affords"

The problem for many of us is that we read a bit of the Bible don't understand it and then give up. The people at the Bible project making the most of the latest world class Biblical scholarship have created a video for every book of the Bible as well as major themes of the Bible. Why not use this time to choose a book  of the Bible, watch the video and the read the book. You will get a fresh understanding of the Bible and of the one who inspired the Bible to be written. Highly recommended.

5. Some devotionals based on living well thorough Covid-19 from Pete Grieg 24-7 prayer

6. Great resources for youth during Covid-19 here

 and at our very own Crossways youth social media pages

7. Support for marriages and parents at Care for the family and Mothers Union

8. Inspirational videos to encourage you and send to friend on the yesHEis app

9 Inspiring Christians to learn from:

Francis of Assisi  Patron of Our Church

Joni Earickson Tada  Inspiring example of overcoming a disaster to make a global impact

Nick Vujicic Born witout limbs but making a massive impact today

Hudson Taylor Inspiring Missionary

George Muller Wonderful exampe of trust and faith for provision

Rees Howells a great example of faith and intercession


Keep watching this space...for more updates.