Support for the community during Covid19

Covid 19 has been having a massive impact already on our community and as a church we want to offer support to people

Our volunteers are available to help whenever they are needed. People in need of help can phone 01302 538487 any day and someone will speak to the person and make arrangements for the volunteers to help as soon as they possibly can.


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Most of the volunteers are from church but we also have a number of lovely volunteers from the wider community. We have written guidance in place to make sure that this is done safely for both the self-isolating person and the volunteers. When a person phones the church office the administrator will explain the system and if they are happy with that two volunteers will be contacted and a delivery slot will be communicated. If you are interested in volunteering and would like more details please phone 01302 538487 or email


Phone Buddy j

As time goes on, it may become more difficult for many people who are used to going out a lot and enjoy chatting with others. Therefore in order to alleviate any lonlinless and isolation and to help brighten people's day we are offering Phone Buddies who will provide a 30 minute conversation led by the guest. Our buddies are trained and have a very strict code of conduct so that the call is friendly, relaxed and helpful. A person is then at liberty to book the same buddy or to try a conversation with one of our other buddies. Simply phone 01302 538487 or email